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Movement Specialists

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PTSMN Movement Specialists are an excellent way to build a safe and customized exercise program into your life and produce transformative results.

Building strength in the body is a critical component to overall health and wellness. Exercise, specifically strength training with cardio conditioning, helps prevent chronic diseases like obesity diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders, long-term muscle tightness and pain, stress and anxiety issues, and more.

How we can help

The Movements Specialists are here to help you with your own unique goals. These goals could include:
  • Increasing strength
  • Gaining muscle mass
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness
  • Increasing muscular flexibility
  • Improving joint mobility
The Movement Specialist can work in collaboration with Physical Therapy on reducing joint pain and can also work in collaboration with our Dietician and Health Coaches for weight loss goals.

What is a session like?

Initial Sessions will include benchmark assessments, such as the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Your Movement Specialist will determine the correct starting place for fitness training and focus on teaching proper movement technique.  Personalized mobility, strength and conditioning programs are then designed with each coach guiding and supporting our members and their families as they master each exercise and make sustainable progress on their journey to health and wellness.

Meet your Movement Specialists

  • Maple Grove Movement Specialist: Nicole Sullivan, CSCS – “I believe training should make everyday life easier and improve each individual’s quality of life. My approach to training includes utilizing foundational movement patterns that are used at home and in the workplace.” Nicole’s favorite exercise: Shrimp squats or pistol squats.
  • Eagan Movement Specialist: Dave Kapping, MS, CSCS – “My goal for training each person is to find what their functional movement is and to optimize that through strength training paired with mobility and cardiovascular work. I enjoy working with a variety of people and learning new things from them.” Dave’s Favorite exercise: Barbell Back Squat.
  • White Bear Lake Movement Specialist: Sara Milner, CPT, FNTP – “I like to take a very holistic approach to movement and ensure proper biomechanics are in place before loading movements. With a background in yoga, I enjoy integrating that into training sessions.” Sara’s favorite exercise: Barbell Deadlifts.

Health Coaches

How we can help

Health coaches believe that each person is an expert in their own lives and needs. Health coaches can help you connect with your vision of health and tap into your inner-motivation for change. They also provide accountability, support, and resources.

Health Coaches can support your company in the following ways: 

  • Culture of Health Programming & Implementation 
  • One-on-one coaching 
  • Education (group coaching, lunch and learns, topic presentations, etc) 
  • Stress management 
  • Weight management 
  • Developing healthy food habits 
  • Beginning or maintaining exercise 
  • Processing a recent health diagnosis or life transition 
  • Setting and achieving a goal 
  • Improving sleep habits 
  • Developing a positive self-image 

Meet your Health Coaches

  • Liza Allen
  • Lyndsey Reece

Dietician Services

More info on Dieticians

Our registered dieticians are experts in food and nutrition, and can support your employees in the following ways:

  • Weight loss management
  • Digestive distress
  • Wellness nutrition
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Injury & surgery recovery nutrition

How we can help

We can help you create a culture of health through the following educational programs and outreach opportunities:

  • Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) ​
  • Diabetes and Pre-diabetes Reversal ​
  • High Cholesterol (Atherosclerosis) Reversal ​
  • Weight Loss (Obesity) ​
  • Hypertension (Blood Pressure) ​
  • Whole Life Challenge (WLC)
  • Nutritional Challenges
  • Healthy Meal Hacks
  • How to Meal Prep

Meet your Dietician

Gina Fangel, RDN 

Call 651-348-8851 to schedule your session today.