Frequently Asked Questions

The current medical delivery system is not based on value or outcomes, but generally on how many procedures are performed. It is focused on treating patients after they become sick.

We are looking to provide convenient access to care with an emphasis on prevention, health and wellness. We will also be focused on early detection and treatment of chronic conditions and promoting health awareness while keeping members engaged in good health.

The Health & Wellness Centers will offer all of the primary care services you would expect from a family physician/general practitioner.

  • Primary Care – colds, flu, asthma, diabetes etc.
  • Acute Care – chronic disease care, cardio care etc.
  • Preventive Care – immunizations, physicals, health coaching and counseling
  • Pharmaceuticals – select prepackaged generic medications dispensed on site
  • Employee education
  • Care programs specific to male and female needs
  • Now available: Allergy Drop Immunotherapy

All active members, spouses and dependent children that are eligible for coverage under the PTSMN Welfare Fund are able to use the Health & Wellness Centers.

In addition Pre-Medicare retirees, spouses and dependent children can also use the Health & Wellness Centers.

The Health & Wellness Centers are not available to members covered by Medicare or to treat workers compensation claims, auto accident or other third party medical claims.

If you have a condition that is not in the list of services provided you are free to choose any provider covered under the PTSMN Welfare Plan. Please keep in mind even for patients that require services outside the scope of what is provided at the Health & Wellness Centers, our physicians can help coordinate your care with specialists and outside providers.

To find an in network provider for the best level of benefit click here.

No – you are free to use any provider you choose – however we believe the primary care provided through the Health & Wellness Centers is truly better than the traditional medical model.

The employed physicians at our own Health & Wellness Centers are not compensated based on the number of tests or procedures they perform; they also are not incented to see as many patients as possible. Their goal and the goal of our Health & Wellness Centers will be to spend the time necessary with our members; to get to know you and your family and to support you in any way they can to help you improve your health.

The following points show the ways in which our Health & Wellness Centers will be different:

  • No deductible for office visits at our Health & Wellness Centers
  • No office visit copay for visits at our Health & Wellness Centers
  • Generic prescription drugs with no copay will be dispensed by the physician at the time of the office visit. (most common generic prescription drugs)
  • An important point to keep in mind is that members using our Health & Wellness Centers should be ready and willing to make lifestyle changes; to understand the key role that a patient has in partnership with a physician to improve their own health and the health of their family members.

Yes, it is important for you to call and make an appointment. We schedule longer appointments than a traditional clinic and want to make sure we are prepared to give every patient the time they need and deliver the best care available.

We carry approximately 250 of the most common generic prescription drugs at the Health & Wellness Centers. This list is too long to post on the website and as you know some drugs have many different names. It is important to note that to receive prescription drugs from the Health & Wellness Centers you must have established care with one of our physicians.

We have a 48-72 hour refill policy at the Health & Wellness Centers. Call the Pipe Trades Family Health & Wellness Centers at 651-348-8851 to put in your refill request. See the refill policy for more information and the refill hours.

No – We strictly adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Law and associated rules, which protects every patient’s health and medical records and keeps the records secure. We will not share your records with anyone without your consent.

The Health & Wellness Centers are not actually “free”. Even though there is no co-pay or deductible, there still is a cost to running the wellness centers which is paid for through the Welfare fund and your contributions. The funding for the Health & Wellness Centers comes from redirecting dollars from the welfare fund that would be paid to other external providers.

Costs for the physicians, other staff, prescription drugs and clinic sites are paid directly by the fund and are lower by cutting out a number of “middlemen” in the current system.

Also, cutting out the paperwork and billing systems will realize additional savings. Most importantly, one of the most significant advantages is that “member owned” Health & Wellness Centers allow medical professionals to practice medicine free from the distraction, paperwork and bureaucracy of a third-party payer system and focus on what they were trained to do: make people well.

In addition to not having any deductibles or copays the Health & Wellness Centers do not have the traditional billing or paperwork associated with other providers in the medical system. Medicare, workers compensation, auto claims and other third party claims have significant paperwork, billing issues and other administrative requirements that are cumbersome, expensive and don’t fit within this model.